Montenegro Lines
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Montenegro Lines

Montenegro Lines Montenegro Lines is the shipping company that provides a link between Italy and Montenegro, allowing you to reach the city of Bar from Bari or from Ancona. The service from Bari is offered all year round, with daily departures during the summer. The route from Ancona is added from July to September. The travel time is 9 hours from Bari and 16 hours from Ancona.

The fleet of Montenegro Lines:
Sveti Stefan - 550 pax, 205 cars, speed 21 kn, loa 109 mt.
Svet Stefan II - 920 pax, 225 cars, speed 22 kn, loa 118 mt.

From Bari (Italy) to Bar (Montenegro)
From Bar (Montenegro) to Bari (Italy)
From Ancona (Italy) to Bar (Montenegro) Seasonal
From Bar (Montenegro) to Ancona (Italy) Seasonal