The fleet SNCM:
- Danielle Casanova : 2.200 pax, 700 cars
- Napol�on Bonaparte : 2.460 pax, 700 cars
- Sncm M�diterran�e : 2.150 pax, 800 cars
- Sncm Ile de Beaut� : 1.570 pax, 520 cars
- Sncm Corse : 2.300 pax, 620 cars
- Sncm NGV Liamone : 1.116 pax, 250 cars
- Sncm Jean Nicoli : 600 pax, 200 cars
- Sncm Pascal Paoli : 550 pax, 130 cars
- Sncm Paglia Orba : 540 pax, 120 cars
- Sncm Monte Cinto : 110 pax, 525 cars
- Sncm Monte d'Oro : 530 pax, 130 cars

SNCM Soci�t� Nationale Maritime Corse M�diterran�e is a major operator in the transport of passengers, vehicles and cargo in the West Mediterranean.
Throughout the year, its ships flying the french flag, ensure scheduled services between the France mainland to Corsica, Sardinia, Tunisia and Algeria

SNCM, with the Compagnie M�ridionale de Navigation, offers the first capacity in passenger vehicles and freight. Over 3500 crossings per year, a full service to the islands from Marseille and Nice to Bastia, Calvi, Ile Rousse, Ajaccio, Porto Vecchio, Propriano, a 7day service throughout the year between Marseille and Ajaccio / Bastia.

SNCM vessels offer a choice of travel to Corsica with hight speed vessel NGV in from Nice, entertainment and comfort in cruise ferries, and relaxation in cargo ships.

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