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COMANAV navigation company doesn’t work anymore on the route Genoa-Tangeri; alternative companies to reach Morocco are:
Grandi Navi Veloci, Acciona e Grimaldi.

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Comanav Ferries COMANAV (Morocco Navigation Company) was established in 1946 and since then it ranked as a leader in cargo shipping and passengers transfer to Morocco. In 1975 the company launched the first passengers route from the north of Morocco to the south of France (Tangeri/Sète). The importance of COMANAV grew in the years in both passengers and cargo business, based on the many connections from Morocco to the ports of France, Spain and Italy. Today, COMANAV’s fleet counts 5 ferryboats, 2 of them are owned by the company itself: the “Marrakech” and the “Al Mansour”, both equipped with the finest equipment to grant the maximum comfort, boasted by the hospitality of the staff.

At the start of 2009, COMANAV’s navigation part was bought by COMARIT (Compagnie Maritime Maroco Norvégienne), company located in Tangeri and that works on the routes Tangeri-Algeciras, Tangeri-Sète and Almeria-Nador.

MARRAKECH EXPRESS     830 pax   320 vehicles  speed 20 knots  length. 160 mt.
LE MARRAKECH                620 pax   220 vehicles  speed 19 knots  length. 127 mt.
MISTRAL EXPRESS          1700 pax   400 vehicles  speed 20 knots  length. 145 mt.
AL MANSOUR                   1300 pax  450 vehicles   speed 19 knots length. 120 mt.

Ferry lines to Morocco:
Da Genoa (Italy) to Tangeri (Morocco) - also available here GNV Grandi Navi Veloci
From Séte (France) to Tangeri (Morocco)
From Séte (France) to Nador (Morocco)
From Algesiras (Spain) to Tangeri(Morocco)

Check-in: It is necessary to be ready for the controls 3 hours prior the departure


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