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Tirrenia di Navigazione

Tirrenia di Navigazione - Ferries Florio
Tirrenia di Navigazione, father of the old Italian cabotage traditions, from 1936 regularly links the Mediterranean ports with its fleet offering a service in constant evolution. The Tirrenia group forms one of the biggest European shipping company.
The fleet has about eighty vessels, the group carries out approximately 100.000 crossings with twelve million passengers, covering three million nautical miles every year. They transport two million vehicles, embarking six million five hundred metric lines of commercial vehicle.
Tirrenia was the first to introduce fast ferries, ships belonging to the new technical generation. The new ferries Vincenzo Florio and Raffaele Rubattino started running between the end of 1999 and 2001 having the fittings of cruising vessels rather than cabotage vessels. The Bithia and Janas are even more impressive, faster and possess all comforts, with a length of 214 meters they transport 2700 passengers and 900 vehicles between Genoa and Porto Torres at a cruising speed of 29 knots. Entering the market respectively in 2001 and 2002 these very modern twin vessels offer high standard fittings and services as well as reducing the crossing time.
In 2003 the fast ferry Athara, same class as the Bithia and Janas, joined the fleet covering the Island of Sardinia.
In 2005 the new ferries Nuraghes and Sharden where launched, offering more garage space and retaining the cruise style fittings.

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